Akasison XL75 reinforcement plate without connector

Akasison XL75 reinforcement plate according to DIN 18807 for the vapour barrier connection in siphonic roof drainage systems. Applied in insulated metal roofs in combination with roof outlet Akasison XL75. At the top of the metal plate a vapour barrier foil or bitumen can be applied. In combination with specific roofs the metal plate can be used as reinforcing plate.

Delivery includes: Galvanised plate.
EPDM seal.
Application: Warm roof and applications acc. to DIN 18234.
Dimension: d1<> = 75 mm.
Drilling core size:Ø ਲ 100 mm.
Performance: 1-17,7 l/s.
Material: Galvanised steel, EPDM and PVC.

n = number of bolts
M = thread
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74 77 12 Akasison XL75 reinforcement plate without connector 4,543 140 Roof technology Roof outlets